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Sustainable entrepreneurship via acquisition

The Netherlands' first impact search platform to support entrepreneurs acquire, own, and transform companies into greater sustainable enterprises.

Alternative path to Entrepreneurship


Do you have an inner desire to become an entrepreneurial leader to make a sustainable impact, but don’t have a “unicorn” idea or the motivation to start a business from scratch? Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) enables aspiring entrepreneurs to search for, acquire, operate, lead, and grow sustainably an established business.

Acquiring an existing profitable business is often less risky and yields greater returns than starting a business from scratch. Acquisition entrepreneurs can focus on performance improvements, implementation of energy transition objectives, and innovation initiatives, combined with their leadership and management skills to drive value creation.

R2G Invest will be an experienced partner in your search for a business - providing M&A, capital raising, due diligence, and tactical support for acquisition enabling entrepreneurs to become true owners of the business.

Enabling transformation before it's too late

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
The backbone of the Dutch economy

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Not business as usual


R2G Invest introduces a new investment category in The Netherlands. Together with impact investors we fund and support entrepreneurial business leaders to acquire and bring about the sustainable transition of Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the Industry 4.0 objectives.


Our investment model is based on the search fund concept, a US invention in the mid-1980s, which lends itself perfectly to changing processes in companies towards more sustainable business processes and a better future. Our focus is on measurable impact and multi-value creation.

Building an ecosystem of high-performing business leaders, impact investors, and financing institutions to accelerate the transition of multiple companies on a sustainable growth path for the next generations.

Drive the transition of SMEs towards a path of sustainable growth.


Why R2G Invest?

Our business model provides a better alignment of interest with investors and entrepreneurs.

R2G Invest provides majority control over investment and generates superior financial returns for investors in comparison with traditional investment models. The concept allows us to work closely with high-performing business leaders to realize entrepreneurial dreams while making a significant positive impact on our society.


Opportunity to tap into a new asset class in an unexplored market segment


R2G Invest is not a fund and does not engage in the work area of traditional venture capital and private equity funds. The market segment for our investment model is largely untapped. Our investment model provides a unique way to diversify portfolio holdings of private equity and, depending on the ticket sizes of the portfolio in question, allows for a greater number of investments given the smaller ticket sizes.

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Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make a measurable impact on the environmental, societal and financial aspects of an investment.



Carbon emission is one of the most important negative environmental impacts to be solved. It is a key element of our investment philosophy, but not the only one.



Evaluation based on societal impact ranges from circularity leading to lower waste to ensuring long-term impact on for example human capital engagement in a process.

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To successfully undergo a transition towards zero-emission and circularity a solid financial basis is as important as in any business.

Impact Measurement

Measuring impact is crucial for sustainable progress. The methodology to quantify and measure impact will first be to define a baseline at the time of the investment. The baseline forms the start combined with ambitious targets for environmental and societal impact. All are to be evaluated by independent third-party experts for impact measurement during acquisition and continuously during operations.

Our Team

Raymon, Kevin and Animesh launched R2G Invest as a response to the ambitious sustainability goals and the challenges this poses to the SME sector. As a team we have worked together for more than a decade in the renewable energy industry. Slowing down and stopping climate change has always been an important motivation for us. Today’s challenges need a different approach. More sustainable, more inclusive. We understand that we cannot change the world on our own, but together we can achieve a lot more than one could ever imagine. So, we are positive, ambitious, and eager to punch above our weight to make meaningful progress toward a carbon-neutral and circular economy by targeting the SME sector which needs our maximum attention in these challenging times.

Reach out to us:
Red2Green Invest Holding B.V.
Studio offices 10
Stationsstraat 79
3811 MH Amersfoort

Trade register Chamber of commerce: 87483459
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